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How to Flatten A PDF on Mac and Windows, with Comments: 4 Ways – itselectable – How to Flatten PDF without Adobe Acrobat DC

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Merge or flatten layers in the PDF · Make a backup copy of your PDF file. · Open the copy and choose Advanced > PDF Optimizer. · Click the Clean Up. Flatten layers. Click the Layers button, and select Flatten Layers from the options menu.


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diff –git a/.gitattributes b/.gitattributes index 74ff35caadaffd14b55edafaabbdeca8d4a8d — a/.gitattributes. The Forms Extension for Adobe PDF Library is a software module that allows applications built using the Adobe PDF Library to work with PDF AcroForm and XFA forms documents (both static and dynamic). Use PDF Forms Extension to: Flatten both XFA and AcroForms documents; Convert XFA to AcroForms; Import & Export XFA & AcroForms data. Apr 23,  · Looking for two procedures: 1) remove select/all form fields from a PDF 2) flatten a PDF document regardless of forms, annotations, comments, etc. Thank you in advance to those who offer their expertise.


Adobe PDF Library SDK | Datalogics.How to Flatten PDF with Adobe Acrobat and Its Alternative


The feature is extremely useful when you have interactive elements in a PDF but you don’t want them to remain interactive when distributing the file to a larger audience, especially online. For instance, let’s say you have an interactive form with specific data filled in and certain options selected in drop-downs, checklists, or radio buttons. How do you share that without the recipient being able to change the data? The main reason for offering the alternative is that Adobe Acrobat DC and Pro DC are fairly expensive, while the alternative we’re showcasing is a fraction of the price but with all the features you’d expect in a pro-level PDF editor.

In short, you’re exporting the file to a printer and saving it again as a simple PDF with no layers. That method is a little more complex, so we’re showing you the simple way. This is useful in many situations, such as when you want to share a filled form but don’t want the recipients to change anything on it.

The Adobe flatten PDF function removes the layers of interactive elements and replaces them with a visual equivalent, to put it in simple terms. If you feel that Adobe Acrobat is too expensive, you can consider an affordable Adobe Acrobat alternative. The flatten PDF feature is available right on the home page, making it much easier to figure out even if you’ve never used the software before. Here’s what to do:. PDFs are essentially the digital equivalent of paper; easy to use, share, and file away.

Luckily, it is possible to pull useful data from your documents by using PDF data extraction. Batch processing improves efficiency and reduces the need for inaccurate manual data entry. Our powerful SDK can parse and scrape images, text, tables, and metadata from your documents. Insert, delete, and extract pages from an Adobe PDF file. Merge several Adobe PDF files into a single file. Password-protect your PDF files to restrict viewing, printing, and editing.

Convert different types of PDF files into editable and searchable data, with Tesseract 4 support. Enable the creation of optional layers for selective viewing of content. Create compact Adobe PDF files. Utilize server-based, high-volume printing and variable data printing. Create indexes of Adobe PDF files. Supports a wide variety of languages. Our toolkits can be licensed to software developers who embed the technology into their applications OEM , as well as for enterprise customers looking to build applications for internal use.

Pricing is highly situational but generally includes a licence fee and per-platform annual maintenance and support fees. Additionally, royalties are incurred for applications built for sale. Have more questions? Engage with other Datalogics community members on our forum. How can it be improved? Let us know! Leave a review with SourceForge or Capterra. PDF Tools. Contact us. Privacy Policy. By submitting the form, you agree to receive marketing emails from Datalogics.

You may unsubscribe at any time. Built for Software Developers. Top Tier Support. Additional Benefits. Ability to create PDF files of virtually any size. In-house support for a broad range of platforms. Compliance with the latest Adobe PDF specification. Supported Platforms. Solaris Intel. Solaris Sparc. PDF Manipulation. Security Password-protect your PDF files to restrict viewing, printing, and editing.

Transparent Layers Enable the creation of optional layers for selective viewing of content. Print Utilize server-based, high-volume printing and variable data printing. Interested in Learning More? Let’s Get Technical. Code Samples. Developer Resources. Knowledge Base. Need Extra Form Functionality? Check it Out! How Do Our Customers Feel? Schlafender Hase has known the people from Datalogics for many years now, and one thing that is very comforting is that most of the contacts we made when we started using the PDF Library are still our go to contacts today.

It remains a critical piece of our core software, and is something from which we receive a return on our investment every day. Jacob S. The potential uses for it are many and varied — especially in conjunction with improved e-mail functionality. It will transform the way we do some of our work and save us lots and lots of paper, which, both from a cost and an environmental point of view, is very pleasing indeed. Check Out More Reviews.

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